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The Original BIG BOARD
$129.95 - Big Board (price includes shipping)
  • The BIG BOARD (22"x 59") is made of fine natural wood by a Cabinet Craftsmen. The perfect solution for pressing yardage and quilt tops easily and quickly. You will never go back to ironing on a regular board once you have tried The BIG BOARD! BIGGER IS BETTER!
  • The BIG BOARD' inside railings are 16" wide, which fit any standard ironing board.
  • Craftsmen will customize your board to fit oversized ironing board. Call for pricing.
  • The ironing board can be lowered or raised to your desired height. This makes it great for any project.
  • The BIG BOARD comes with a pad and cover.
  • The BIG BOARD is perfect for the holidays!
  • Use as a buffet sideboard in your dining room. Just throw a tablecloth over it and Presto! A dessert table comes alive. . .
  • Great when you need that extra table surface. Use it for a children's table at all your festive occasions. Great for a little girl's tea party or a bar for Dad.
    • Sit down to the BIG BOARD and work for hours on any craft project.
    • Dads and sons build your favorite model airplane or antique car right on the BIG BOARD.
    • It is a wonderful children's craft table. Just place a plastic tablecloth on top and create masterpieces with paints or Playdough.
    • Cover with a cloth to the floor and use as a sofa table. Then whip it off and "Voila", you can iron in a flash while watching TV.
  • Lower your BIG BOARD and create your own sewing center.
  • You are able to sit to rotary cut, press and sew, ALL on the same surface!
  • Add a Little BIG BOARD (18" x 48") along side of the BIG BOARD and create added surface to hold a large project (quilts, curtains or table clothes). This helps to prevent drag stitch from occurring.
  • The Little BIG BOARD is great for smaller sewing rooms or flip down wall ironing boards.
  • If you are limited on space, the BIG BOARD can solve a lot of problems.

  • Big Board Covers

    These covers are available for The Original Big Board and the Little Big Board.

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